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Organizers of those behind Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, fraud

The material is taken from and The information is relevant for 2015-2016, before the changes in the scam.

We have already reviews the financial pyramids and scam Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,,, but it should be further discussed and proven who organized this scam. This investigation will try to capture all the characters that have been working in the OCG for many years, have created more than one scam, and are now involved in Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, and in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and EU countries.

It is known for certain that Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, were created by residents of Ukraine assisted by Russian citizens; in addition, Questra Holdings Inc ( has nothing to do with Spain, and this has been proven. The organizers themselves and their track record is as follows; the list is not complete and will be supplemented, only the main scammers are listed:
- Aleksandr Prochukhan (Vinnitsya, Ukraine)
- Cheslav Pestyuk (Minsk, Belarus)
- Konstantin Mamchur (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine)
- Fanis Dzhuraev (Mytishchi, Russia)
- Stanislav Kravtsev (Podolsk, Russia)

This team of scammers is connected with other very similar scams that have already been closed and successfully fooled their investors. It is beyond all doubt, as there can be seen track of experienceв fraudsters, such as follows: 
- The financial pyramid Formula Deneg is on the list of Internet scammers (2012-2014 - and
- Zolotoe Sechenie or Formula Dene 2.0 - is on the list of Internet scammers, Ukraine - Vinnitsa
- FD Invest / oiltransinvest - scammers
- Participants of МММ of different ranks in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan
- - deception of users under the guise of training.

Konstantin Mamchur (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine): -  Date of birth: allegedly, March 2, 1989. 50-42 Zarechenskaya Street, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. Passport series and number: НВ440363, transport vehicle with license plate number BX0330АС. Telephone: +380961462404, Skype: mamchyr-konstantin. All specified data are easily found on the Internet under the following search queries: 380961462404, 380961462404 ммм, mamchyr-konstantin. Experienced swindler, former МММ organizer in Western Ukraine.

Cheslav Pestyuk (Minsk, Belarus):

- Date of birth: allegedly, March 14, 1985 (in some sources, there was a different date of birth). Minsk, Belarus, the current address to be specified. Passport series and number: КИ1895767. Skype: ldcapitall, old Skype nickname - zefircik99. Telephones: +375 29 58075 22, +375 29 8676171, + 7905 5970676. Experienced swindler, and not only in the financial sector; the story below is one among many:
Hi everyone! I’ve known this person (Cheslav Yuryevich) since December 2010. He made me believe his nonsense (that he can held me make tons of money). I used to buy madly expensive guides, which were of no use. The result – failed deposit of $700 + trading and losing $300, which was timely stopped + purchase of guides with a total cost of about $500 more; result – approximately $1500 loss, or rather ‘earnings’ not counting the lost deposit; however, he was happy with the spread, keeping on telling me to raise. I’ve remained silent until now; but now I'm just boiling over – he posts guides on his website httpss:// which he downloads for free and then sells for money. That’s actually happened to me before. When I told him not to mess with me, he deleted me in Skype. I have saved the chating history in Skype, and can provide the video on the guides he sent me. There is a man whom I have invited to participate, and who also lost his deposit. There is also a trading history on his recommendations. Be careful with this person; I think he profits from the spread. He does not have the money; in one of the videos, he mentioned he had $100,000 – well, take a look at his PAMM account, and see how much money there is and how the trading goes. Download the guides for free from the internet, and don’t pay attention to him. When I stopped listening to him, that’s when I started making money. Don’t waste your time on him and sort it out yourself; don't get involved with them. This is my advice to those who will see it; I had searched for feedback about him, but there had been none at the time.P/S He has a website, where he speaks about out-of-body experiences and astral. I’ve also managed to talk with one of his clients, who’d lost a lot of money due to being fooled by the person in question; here is another scam of his: httpss://

All specified data are easily found on the Internet under the following search queries: Пестюк Чеслав Викторовича мошенник, zefircik99, +375298676171.

Aleksandr Prochukhan Nikolaevich (Vinnitsa, Ukraine):
- Date of birth: allegedly, March 13, 1985. Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Passport series and number: АВ297973. Skype pan.deputat and old nickname pan_deputat and Aleksandr Prochuhan. Telephones: +380 67 440 50 61, +380 68 530 6666, +380 96 723 89 12. Email addresses:, Used to run a business (which he closed down, as it is more profitable to fool people than to run a business) – BILA LILIYA LLC dry-cleaner's on 94 Keletskaya Street, Vinnitsa. All specified data are easily found on the Internet under the following search queries: Skype pan_deputat,, Aleksandr Prochukhan scammer,

Historical video of the scammers’ activity and excerpts from the video:


It is noteworthy that Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, and are a single project by experienced scammers and swindlers Aleksandr Prochukhan (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), Cheslav Yuryevich (Minsk, Belarus), Konstantin Mamchur (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine), and their co-owners from Russia, Stanislav Kravtsev and Fanis Dzhuraev. It is reliably known and proven that the financial pyramid and scam Questra Holdings Inc (Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, has 100% Ukrainian roots and organizers, who directly manage the scam from the territory of Ukraine. And Ukraine is where they started working on the citizens (or ‘investors’), which is logical, understandable and reasonable (may the readers forgive me these words).

The names of the scam’s immediate organizers are known to the Internet, and these persons do not hide themselves; for now, their financial pyramid is working, but that’s not how it will always be. There is plenty of information about their scams online; they all started with MMM. They’ve been promoting new frauds for years. Take, for example, one of the main creators of Questra in Ukraine, Konstantin Mamchur (Khmelnytsky), with whom Questra Holdings Inc began opening offices in Western and Central Ukraine. He caused a stir when participating in old projects of the Pestyuk-Prochukhan team, actively attracting people to participate in the pyramid and spending funds on good living. Moreover, all fees and contributions to the scam go through cash in the offices of Konstantin Mamchur, including in the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia:
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