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Law-related part of Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management (questraworld.es and atlanticgam.es) scam

In many countries of the world, Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management (questraworld.es and atlanticgam.es) are prohibited due to having no licenses and permits to raise funds from investors; moreover, none of the companies have a European passport:

The National Bank of Slovenia - Upozornenie NBS na cinnost spolocnosti Questra
Financial Regulator in the UK (London) - Questra World (17.02.2017) and Atlantic Global Asset Management (17.02.2017)
The National Bank of the Czech Republic - Upozorneni na aktivity Questra World a Atlantic Global Asset Management (22.02.2017) and Upozornenie NBS na cinnost spolocnosti Questra (22.02.2017)
Financial Regulator of Belgium - Warnings of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (23.09.2016)
Financial Regulator of Austria - Questra World Ltd (27.10.2016) and Atlantic Global Asset Management, SA (27.10.2016)

The Ukrainian scam is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Austria, i.e. in those countries, where financial regulators exist as such (including at the state level), and they monitor the financial market as a whole.

Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management (questraworld.es and atlanticgam.es) are different sides of the same coin, which is actually worthless:

They specify such legal entities as ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A., Cabo Verde, Tax number 272198501 and ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, United Kingdom, Registration number SL28452. It The first is self-explanatory, Cabo Verde is an offshore in West Africa, former territory of Portugal; it is the maximum offshore and is located as far from civilization as possible, apparently it has been selected based on these considerations:

Cabo Verde is, of course, a poor country, but with an annual GDP of more than $ 800 per capita, it is far from the poorest in Africa. There is a demand for imported goods and there are people who are ready to pay a real price for them. By the way, by opening your company on the islands and investing over $25,000-30,000 in it, you can count on the most benevolent attitude to the request for Cabo Verdean citizenship. It guarantees you the protection from extradition to the authorities of another country (including Russia), grants Visa-free entry to West African countries, and greatly facilitates the receipt of the Portuguese visa, which, in turn, gives freedom of movement within the Schengen zone of Europe.

The second legal entity – ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, United Kingdom, Registration number SL28452 – is an offshore in the UK, a longtime favorite of scammers, but the legal entity is pristine and was created exclusively for money laundering through accounts in the Dominican Republic; one of the hired scammers – Andrey Abakumov, another piece in the game of Prochukhan and Pestyuk – appears very remotely in it. The company registered on 27/09/2016 does not have directors, reports, documents, and not even nature of business (Nature of Business (SIC): None Supplied. It is registered at Suite 8098 17 Union Street, Dundee, DD1 4BG, where 400 more companies are also registered – i.e., it is the nominal legal address, not real and actual. It does not have an address, either; on registrar's documents, it doesn’t even have a website, also it is proudly listed on atlanticgam.es. Note the domain atlanticgam.es – the company was bought in the offshore Cabo Verde, but its domain zone is .es (Spain), why is that? Just another lies on the part of the investors with a view of making the Ukrainian financial pyramid more attractive for Europe. When studying the filing history of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, United Kingdom, Registration number SL28452, you can find 3 single documents, which feature 2 offshore companies from the Dominican Republic and Andrey Abakumov; they are ALPHAVIL alliance LTD. LIMITED and DERBY alliance LTD. It is important to note that the company's authorized capital is 3 pounds sterling, which proves it is a dummy company. View the documents on the links: Document 1, Document 2, Document 3.

The authorized fund is contributed by Abakumov himself (on behalf of the ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A. – the offshore from Cabo Verde) and the legal entity PROMOTOR de investimentos internacionais LTD  - apparently, another company for money laundering created by scammers, which are plenty. A number of other offshore companies (screenshots above) are attacked to ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, namely ALPHAVIL ALLIANCE LTD. (Dominican Republic), DERBY ALLIANCE LTD (Dominican Republic), the following companies are affiliated with those specified: CORPOREX LIMITED (Belize), STRUCTUREX TRADE LLP (Dominican Republic), and INTEGREX LIMITED (Belize). Interestingly, all 4 companies – ALPHAVIL ALLIANCE LTD. (Dominican Republic), DERBY ALLIANCE LTD (Dominican Republic), CORPOREX LIMITED (Belize), and INTEGREX LIMITED (Belize) were registered on January 23, 2015 and January 25, 2015; they even have almost ordinal registration numbers (founded on the same day). This can be checked via STRUCTUREX TRADE LLP, section People. Functions888n  and purpose of these offshore companies are not established, so we will be grateful for the help:
Dominican Republic - ALPHAVIL ALLIANCE LTD, Registration number 17635, Date of registration January 25, 2015
Dominican Republic - DERBY ALLIANCE LTD, Registration number 17617, Date of registration January 25, 2015
Belize - CORPOREX LIMITED, Registration number 128,979, Date of registration January 23, 2015
Belize - INTEGREX LIMITED, Registration number 129,178, Date of registration January 23, 2015

In the EU, namely in Spain, the scam is represented by Questra World SL em Espanha with registration number NIF B98811672 and the minimum statutory fund of EUR 3,000, previously known as Abisal Asociados 21 SL – it was bought and renamed as Questra World SL; Company Administrator Bulchand Guidumal Hiro with dozens of companies registered in his name; he could be the nominal owner of Facebook.com, for all we know. To advertise their fraud, the scammers Altantic Global Asset Management (the same fellows from Ukraine) have created a company in the EU – to avert and intenerate the blows. It should be added that MLM (multilevel network marketing), just like financial pyramids, are banned in Spain.

These data are confirmed even in Portugal in the blog Fraude.pt, which also mentions PROMOTOR de investimentos internacionais LTD and other companies in the Article "Questra World of SCAM – False investments scam! ".

The legal dummy, which allegedly deals with investments in everything – Atlantic Global Asset Management (atlanticgam.es), abbreviated AGAM, registration number in Cabo Verde 272198501, was created as the final recipient of money (within the fictional legend for investors) and for cooperation with EcoBank for assigning the allegedly legal status to the scam. The previously mentioned Andrey Abakumov (hired by Ukrainian fraudsters to clean themselves of suspicion) and Manuel Antonio Mendes Borges are involved; we have already told about the registration and date of registration of all domains, see the screenshots below – they prove the deliberate deception as for the beginning of the pyramid’s financial activities:

Registration documents of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A. (offshore) worth USD 200 and with a statutory fund of USD 48,838 CONTRATO DE CONSTITUIÇÃO DE SOCIEDADES ANONIMAS and REPUBLICA DE CABO VERDE Casa do Cidadao

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