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Konstantin Mamchur

Konstantin Mamchur (Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine).
His birth date is allegedly March 2, 1989; address: 50 Zarechenskaya St., apt. 42, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine; passport series and number:  НВ440363; car with license plate number BX0330АС. Phone number: +380961462404, Skype account: mamchyr-konstantin. A profile on Facebook.com. Foreign passport number: EE421552.
All the above-mentioned data can be found on the net perfectly well – along with his achievements achievements in the criminal arena. He brought discredit on himself completely in Questra Holdings, at the stage of the initial promotion of the Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management financial fraud. There is an archive of all the accomplices in the "Backups and Information Sources" section; among other things, there is information on Konstantin Mamchur and a backup of his page in the VK social network.

Connected persons:
In the process of being established; he is not married.

Connection with the old team and the old frauds:
Essentially, all his contacts have remained the same, and can be found on the net easily; he does not conceal his connection with Pestyuk's and Prochukhan's OCG, the investors in the Russian segment found it out literally at once, and later Konstantin Mamchur admitted that connection officially as well (even though in the initial question-and-answer format he denied working together with Pestyuk and Prochukhan).

He is a veteran fraudster, a former MMM-er in the Western Ukraine. He also worked in the OCG’s other schemes, and individually in such financial pyramids as the MMCIS group of the notorious Konstantin Kondakov. Konstantin Mamchur was the first to begin promoting the Questra Holdings fraud, and testing it all in the territory of Ukraine, starting from Khmelnitskiy where this fraudster comes from. We have already mentioned some information about Konstantin Mamchur in the article Organizers Standing Behind the Fraud of Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (questra.es, questraworld.es, atlanticgam.es).

Konstantin Mamchur was entrusted with promoting the fraud in Ukraine at its start, and now in the EU, which he started doing literally at once – as soon as the Questra Holdings fraud appeared on the horizon:

Having completed their task in the Questra fraud in Ukraine, Pestyuk and Prochukhan sent Konstantin Mamchur to Spain, in order to open an office in Madrid; the office in Murcia had been so much compromised at the moment that they had to close it, and the fraud itself was divided into 2 parts, Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, which had to be turned to advantage in Madrid (Spain) too; Konstantin Mamchur has resided in Spain up to now (with a tourist visa, or obtaining a residence permit, it is not known), and managed a part of the criminal structure directly from Madrid where he supervises the structure and the fraud’s expansion into EU countries (Germany, Poland), meets with the accomplices, and oversees the Questra World’s office:

Interesting photos and videos with Konstantin Mamchur an the stage of testing and launching the Questra fraud in Ukraine.
There, Konstantin Mamchur did everything: opening offices, creating advertising materials, making video clips, creating video and photo content, concluding contracts with hotels and halls for holding of conferences and gatherings of the criminal group, it can be said for sure that Konstantin Mamchur established the foundation for the Questra fraud and brought the first money, which allowed for expanding the financial pyramid as far as up to the EU territories. Even the office in Vinnitsa, where Aleksandr Prochuhan is (used to be) the person in charge, was created by Konstantin Mamchur’s hands and according to his technical instructions:

Video: Konstantin Mamchur and the Questra World and AGAM fraud:

Attempt to delete from YouTube videos: Happen with email newsletters konkon6666@gmail.com - belongs Konstantin Mamchur.

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