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Atlantic Global Asset Management and Questra World have started new packages for raising money

Atlantic Global Asset Management and Questra World have started new packages for raising money:

Atlantic Global Asset Management continues its full-scale entry into the new Asian market. We have been developing this area for a long time and finally we have elaborated a strategy which will allow us to establish long lasting relations with our clients providing our best products and services to them.

Unfortunately, at the first stage of our work, our financial advisors after having worked for some time came to the conclusion that the market of such countries as China, for example, was already highly developed and the average potential and clients’ demands exceeded those of European clients.

Our Asian clients have been entering into major transactions with us for more than six months and they buy our products in much bigger amounts than our clients from other countries. Due to the fast growing demand and interest from the new market we faced some new challenges in 2014-2015 when our clients who wanted to buy products promoted by us had to purchase a lot of our best Investor’s Portfolio products when our clients’ capitals were several tens of times higher than the cost of the most expensive investor’s portfolios.

But a solution was found based on the past experience, and after many hours of work Atlantic Global Asset Management developed a series of new unique “Investor’s Portfolio” products: Special 1M, Special 2.5M and Special 5M which allow increasing the quantity of goods and services offered by A.G.A.M. to its clients in the Asian market.

When creating new products Atlantic Global Asset Management considers all your demands and interests, therefore we can proudly state that we have met the challenge successfully.

Atlantic Global Asset Management offers new “Investor’s Portfolio” products: Special 1M, Special 2.5M and Special 5M.

Special 1M Portfolio costs €1,000,000;
Special 2.5M Portfolio costs €2,500,000;
Special 5M Portfolio costs €5,000,000;
Valid for 365 days;
Average weekly return is 6.47%;
Average monthly return is 28.0%;
Average annual return is 336.6%;
Returns are accrued weekly;
Profit is withdrawn weekly;
The company’s commission fee is 3%.

For more information refer to your Atlantic Global Asset Management personal account. A.G.A.M. always offers more advantageous conditions for its clients and now you can choose the portfolio which suits you best.

In future we intend to add even better and more advanced products and services for you to be able to appreciate our European-style service. Stay with us and keep up with the news.

Now big investment packages are available: 1 million Euro, 2.5 million Euro, 5 million Euro – it is time for those who wholeheartedly believe in this pyramid scheme and expect it to work forever in the scam market to think hard. Reasons for this innovation can be analyzed for a long time but the most important of them include keeping their own accomplices’ funds within the system, withdrawing as little funds as possible from the system and, of course, some PR effect of the stated amounts. Indeed, average annual returns of 336.6% look very realistic.шаблоны для dle 11.2
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