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Hello from 1994: Andrey Andreevich Abakumov – General Director of Atlantic Global Asset Management

Hello from 1994:Andrey Andreevich Abakumov – General Director of ATLANTIC GLOBALASSET MANAGEMENT (AGAM), what afascinating headline, you say?

What do we know about the fund and its General Director Andrey Andreevich Abakumov, besides the fact that on paper he is a co-owner of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (Cabo Verde), and he was the one to register the offshore ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, United Kingdom. Registration number SL28452? For all we know, he could be an academician and adviser to Gorbachev, the information is simple:

Corporate CEOs. Antonino Vieira Robalo is the president of AGAM, as well as staff consultant of the World Bank and a number of international projects of Luxembourg, France, Japan, and the USA. Andrey Abakumov is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of AGAM. Jose Manuel Gilabert is Chief Executive Officer of Questra World.

We have alreadytold you about Mr. Antonino Vieira Robalo in the article ‘Updatedscam of Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM(questraworld.es, atlanticgam.es).’ 


Many interesting facts come to light when we check Andrey Andreevich Abakumov’s biography. Alas, he was not an adviser to Gorbachev in the 1980s and 1990s, but he was quite a well-known fraudster and scammer from Moscow, a kind of Sergey Mavrodi in those crisis years for our country. Information is scarce for 1994. With the recent advent of Internet, there were no publications or Youtube.com channels back then; however, there is some archive information on Kommersant.ru and Aif.ru, the articles date back to 29.10.1994 and 09.11.1994:

Yesterday, the important developments in the affairs of three Russian financial companies – Hoper-Invest LLP, Tibet Concern, and Multidenezhny Fond Trust Company – took place. Events in the third one reached a climax; the fund's employees disappeared with the money of depositors. Tibet Concern still holds and promises to pay off its depositors, although its president is currently wanted on charges of swindling. As for Hoper, there was only a small problem — the Chelyabinsk region prosecutor filed a lawsuit to liquidate the local branch of Hoper-Invest.
Fund closed under pretext of relocation
Yesterday, employees of the 10th department of the MIA Economic Crime Directorate in Moscow initiated a criminal case into swindling on the part of Multidenezhny Fond Trust Company’s management. According to the police, General Director of Multidenezhny Fond Andrey Abakumov collected about 2 billion rubles under loan agreements from the population and disappeared.
The Multidenezhny Fond was registered in January 1994 at the address of a private apartment on Lomonosovsky Prospekt. Over 3 months, Multidenezhny Fond's management promised to pay off 80% of the deposit amount. The money was collected in an office on Stromynka Street. This office was rented out by Traktorselkhozmash JSC under a sublease agreement in violation of its own agreement with Moskomimushchestvo (MKI). The MKI filed a claim for termination of the agreement to an arbitration court, and both Traktorselkhozmash and Multidenezhny Fond were evicted. Therefore, on September 16, Multidenezhny Fond suspended its operation. By order, Andrey Abakumov put all of the company employees on leave. There was an announcement hanging on the fund’s door, saying that activities of the fund were suspended until a new office was rented. According to the investigation, Abakumov then disappeared, leaving behind several tens of millions of rubles on Multidenezhny Fond’s account in Rosdorbank.Deceived investors submitted their applications to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate. The police initiated a criminal case and found out that Abakumov had managed to open representative offices in other Russian cities. For exmaple, Fintrast-Vyatka JSC, which owed 200 million rubles to depositors, was accepting deposits under the agreement on joint activities with Multidenezhny Fond in Kirov. According to preliminary data, Всего же, по предварительным данным, Abakumov managed to gain a total of over 2 billion rubles. Employees of his company, including Deputy Head of Multidenezhny Fond Aleksandr Muravlev, dispatchers Nadezhda Zhukova, Natalya Komova, and Olga Kuravleva, and operator Vitana Lebedeva, are also wanted by the police. Kommersant will return to this topic after the investigation is completed.

TODAY in Russia there are over 2.5 thousand organizations, which accept cash from the population in different forms. At the same time, official statistics do not allow to determine neither the composition of their founders nor the size of the authorized capital. According to specialists, this is only the visible part of the iceberg, as a much larger number of companies illegally deprive people of their money, not having licenses to work with cash deposits.The victims include the depositors, who entrusted their money to Multidenezhny Fond. For quite a long time, the Fund worked on the territory of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. Today, the fooled people gather at the barred and already empty Multidenezhny Fond’s office in Sokolniki, which used to be strictly guarded by persons in police uniforms once. Head of Multidenezhny Fond, mathematician Andrey Andreevich Abakumov and his personnel first went on vacation, and then disappeared into thin air. According to the Department of Finance of the Moscow government, Abakumov’s team would collect money without any license at all. The people were left with the so-called bill, that is, a promissory note. Experts not that this bill may not be presented for payment in court, since its form does not comply with the legislative provisions. Besides, who is there to be tried? The fund might have not existed at all, for all we know.

At the moment, requests to the State Archives of the Russian Federation have been filed to raise the old criminal cases and materials for 1994 and identify the resemblance of both persons and combine them into one. The materials will be published in this article, but even now we can be very suspicious of the ‘General Director’ of the Ukrainian-Russian swindle known as ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (aka Agam - atlanticgam.es) and their legal illegal cover in the person of Questra World (questraworld.es).

In the near future we will publish material from Cabo Verde – there are huge suspicions that having a legal entity registration as ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A., Cabo Verde, the scammers opened an office at Edificio BAI Center, 2 Piso Direito Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Cabo Verde – C.P.337 and allegedly plan to open a branch in the Great Britain, where the financial regulator in London has already banned the activity of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - Questra World (17.02.2017) and Atlantic Global Asset Management (17.02.2017).

Registration documents of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A. (offshore) worth $200 and with statutory fund of $48,838CONTRATO DE CONTRATO DE CONSTITUIÇÃO DE SOCIEDADES ANONIMAS and REPUBLICA DE CABO VERDE Casa do Cidadao

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